Known for his excellent technical and artistic mastery in the field of wedding photography, Vittorio Lioce is a reference for anyone is looking for a creative and original service.

His photographs emphasize with naturalness every important phases of your wedding, with particular attention to the atmosphere, the colors, the lights, the photogeny. Portraits without artificial poses, in absolute spontaneity.

Vittorio Lioce, photographer for passion, in the 1980s opened his first photography studio, oriented to social photography and especially to wedding photography and portraiture.

His professional expertise has led him away: in the early 90s was noticed by the press and colleagues professional photographers, intrigued by his innovative way of interpreting the photograph.
Since them, Vittorio Lioce is constantly engaged in the dissemination of its concepts and its techniques in dozens of conferences and training seminars on professional photography. He has received several awards and publications in the field of Wedding and has organized dozens of exhibitions that continues to offer in Italy and abroad.

In 2009, Vittorio Lioce has opened a new studio-gallery in which he set up a permanent exhibition of his works, with large rooms to create portraiture and advertising services.

Vittorio Lioce